Heating and cooling with energy piles

– thermal use of the ground

An energy pile plant should preferably be used as alternating storage system (heating or cooling operation, depending on the season). Thus, an optimum specific extract performance [W/m] either for heat or coldness production can be reached. The temperature regime of the energy pile plant can be designed in a sustainably stabile way. A well-adjusted heat balance over many years minimizes the mutual thermal effect of neighbouring energy piles.

Seasonal storage cycle

Temperature of
the ground
Approx. 8-12°C
Cooling of the
building serves for
reducing the heat
Heat storage in
the ground
Approx. 12- 20°C
Heating of the
Ground serves as
heating source
Coldness storage
in the ground,
Approx. 1-8°
Saisonaler Speicherzyklus

For cooling operations, the selected active temperature levels should be as high as possible for cooling (> 16...18°C) - and as low as possible for the heating operations (< 35°C). Thus, a high energy efficiency of the geothermal pump can be reached. Optimum active temperature levels in buildings may advantageously be created by low-temperature heaters, activation of thermal mass, extensive fan-registers etc.